Made with Love in the USA

Swoon Swimwear is Proudly Being Made in America.

Making bikini and swimwear products in AmericaThe fashion industry is pretty on the outside but rather ugly on the inside. Fast and cheap fashion is not environmentally friendly, exploits child labor, workers are subjected to toxic chemicals that are dumped into water ways and landfills are overflowing with yesterday’s disposable garments. Unfortunately, that great deal you got on that fast fashion t-shirt for $5.99 was most likely made in a factory full of underpaid and mistreated workers.

For more information regarding the poor conditions in garment factories read this revealing article about the abuse of Bangladesh garment workers.

Midwest pride, demand for quality control, along with my ambition to live the American dream has encouraged me to seek out a more socially conscious approach to fashion. I can stand behind Swoon Swimwear knowing that the bikinis are not made by children or sweatshops, and every party involved in making Swoon Swimwear is paid a fair wage for their great work creating products with that great American made quality.

American Made

You Can Make a Difference by Shopping Products Made in the USA

4.7 million manufacturing jobs have been lost between February 2001 and February 2009. If Every American Spent an Extra 18¢ Per Day on U.S. American Goods We Could Create 200,000 U.S. jobs.
Source: Moody’s Analytics

A news report on CBS showed that the average American spends $700 on Christmas gifts. It stated that if each person bought just ONE gift averaging $67 it would help 200,000 AMERICAN jobs. Our goal is to try and see how many AMERICAN made products we can buy this year and SAVE AMERICA!! Join us!!! Just think what we could do as a Christmas present to ALL AMERICANS!