Design Inspiration

Swoon Swimwear Design Inspiration

Swoon Swimwear was inspired by my own experience of falling in love and getting married. I knew I wanted to create a line of quality swimwear that played off of the whimsy and romance of falling in love–of daydreaming about the beach and packing for a passionate getaway. And just like the foundation of a budding relationship, I wanted my line to be built on strong values. I wanted to feel good about every single part of the process, and I wanted the garments to be built to last. I wanted to make something that was beautiful, thoughtful and meaningful.

Swoon makes ethically-sourced, superior quality swimwear that will last. We keep jobs in America, and we sell directly to consumers at an honest, affordable price. Swoon Swimwear is my American Dream realized, and I am proud to know that everyone who wears a Swoon Swimsuit can feel as great about it as I do.

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Kristy Kleist owner and designer of Swoon Swimwear